Heart Failure by Numbers: A Global Concern


million patients
million annual admissions
billion in annual costs
percent of Medicare spending


million patients
percent of all hospital admissions
percent of total expenditures

Readmission is Costly for Patients, Providers and Payers:

  • 22% of patients are readmitted within 30 days
  • 50% of patients are readmitted within 6 months
  • $400 million in CMS penalties last year for hospitals
  • $17 billion in Medicare expenditures
  • $4-5 billion in unreimbursed costs

But More Than 50% of These Readmissions may be Preventable

Unreimbursed expenses and penalties are driving hospitals to implement proactive monitoring and management programs. Clinicians and discharge planners currently resort to labor intensive and expensive protocols, remote monitoting or invasive procedures in an attempt to prevent readmissions.  Current tools either lack sensitivity, are expensive or invasive thus limiting their use inside and outside the hospital setting.

CAUTION:  This device is investigational and not for commercial use