hosdisch2Hospitalization brings a heavy economic and clinical burden to patients, providers and payers.

In an effort to improve patient quality of life as well as avoid penalties and unreimbursed costs associated with heart failure readmissions, hospitals have instituted new best practices including improvements in discharge instructions, follow-up phone calls and home visits and other protocols.   While great progress has been made, studies have determined that as many as 25% of patients are discharged with some congestion.
The Indicor is designed to be an additional tool for clinicians and discharge planners for making discharge decisions and identifying high risk patients for 30 day  remote monitoring.  Testing takes under five minutes and the portable handheld device can be used in any care setting.   Due to its ease of use and low cost, Indicor can be used repeatedly to detect trends in filling pressure. The majority of patients can complete the required 10 second Valsalva maneuver and the technology has built in guidance.
CAUTION:  This device is investigational and not for commercial use