Vixiar Indicor™:  Point of Care, Non-Invasive, Cost effective, Solution for Detecting Changes in Thoracic Fluid Volume

  • Detects changes in intrathoracic fluid volume
  • Designed for ease of use in the hospital, clinic and home
  • Designed to assist physicians, nurses and discharge planners as an additional tool for assessing heart failure patients

The Vixiar Indicor™ is a non-invasive device and software platform for assessing changes in fluid volume.  The system is a consists of a portable handheld device, user friendly app and a HIPAA compliant monitoring platform.  The system uses finger photoplethysmography to capture the patient pulse waveform response to the Valsalva maneuver.  The device outputs an index of intrathoracic fluid volume, the Valsalva Pulse Response (VPR). Designed for point of care use, the test takes less than five minutes to administer.  Developed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, It has been used in multiple published clinical studies on hundreds of patients with positive results.

CAUTION:  This device is investigational and not for commercial use